“Little Forest" ─ Solo Exhibition 2017


"Little Forest" ─ Jijing Lai Solo Exhibition

Exhibition:2017.09.17 - 10.08
Opening:2017.09.17 (Sun.) 15:00
Location:mad L / No.4, Aly. 18, Ln. 46, Sec. 1, Dihua St., Datong Dist., Taipei City (Metro Beimen Station, exit no.3)
Tel:02 2558 5665


To those who are accustomed to the hustle and bustle of a big city, urban living seems to be a full, colored schedule book. Even though everyday is a new day and sacrifices must be paid for life, one cannot help but fight for a change from time to time. Imagine a day, one walks into the woods embracing a moment of peace, sits in silence doing nothing, and enjoys the day undisturbed. Pure pleasure.

Over the past few years I was able to go into the nature and see the mountains during my travels. Mountains are surrounded by trees and bushes. Whenever I was in the mountain, I felt I was part of the surroundings, returning into the original, primitive state of mind. Without the hustle and bustle of the city, a symphony of chirping birds and humming insects and the crispness of the air constitutes the wonderfulness of this little forest.

Dried natural plants are the focal point in the series of “Little Forest.” I weaved those dried leaves and sticks into my works in an attempt to maintain their original appearance as much as possible. Through these works, I’m hoping to bring everyone back to the wonderful moments that I had enjoyed in the forests.




「小森」─ 賴紀憬織維創作個展

展覽時間│2017.09.17 - 10.08
開幕酒會│2017.09.17 (日) 15:00
展覽地點│mad L 文化空間 / 台北市迪化街一段46巷18弄4號 (捷運北門站3號出口)
連絡電話│02 2558 5665


在城市的日子,所見是車水馬龍,也是燈火闌珊的景象,對於一個早已習慣如此的人來說,忙碌的過日子, 似乎就是生活。雖然說每天都是一種練習,為了生活是必須,但偶爾也會不甘於一成不變。若某一天,能走進山林感受片刻安寧,就算是靜靜坐在一旁什麼也不做,度過一整日的無擾時光,也是一種享受。

這些年來旅行過許多地方,因此有不少機會,得以接近大自然走進山中,閱覽各地山景。而山的意象是由樹木圍繞建構而成的,當我踏進山林身處其境,感覺也成為了他們的一份子,好像一起回到了最初、最原始的狀態。有別於城市的喧囂, 取而代之的是鳥鳴與蟲唧交織而成的音樂,以及透徹的空氣,整個小森的美好,即在如此的氛圍下暈開。

這次「小森Little Forest」系列作品皆運用自然真實的乾燥植物做為焦點媒材,將乾燥葉枝編織進去作品中,盡可能的表現自然的樣貌。希望這些我所擁有的美好小森回憶,能帶大家一起身歷其境,享受片刻的美好。