About Jing

JING is the independent brand of JiJing Lai‭ (‬Jing‭), a textile and jewellery artist based in Taipei‭, ‬Taiwan‭. ‬She finds inspiration from daily life‭, ‬especially those in connection with nature‭. ‬Her aesthetic is fresh and versatile‭. ‬Owning years of experiences in‭ ‬visual design‭, ‬Jing shows her unique sense of space and layout in the works‭, ‬evoking a feeling of warmth and positive energy‭.‬‭

‬Specialized in weaving‭, ‬knitting‭, ‬and jewellery design‭, ‬Jing also offers customized design services that creating fabrics and products for both fashion and interiors‭.‬


Born in 1986 in Taipei, Taiwan.
Graduated in University for the Creative Arts of Contemporary Design, UK.


2017  Little Forest / Mad L / Taipei, Taiwan.

2017  Young Art Taipei / Sheraton Grand Hotel / Taipei, Taiwan.

2016  Young Art Taipei / Sheraton Grand Hotel / Taipei, Taiwan.

2015  NOWHERE / Mad L / Taipei, Taiwan.

2015  Young Art Taipei / Sheraton Grand Hotel / Taipei, Taiwan.

2013  Power of Jewellery / Crypet Gallery / London, UK.

JING 是由藝術家賴紀憬創立的織品珠寶設計品牌。於英國取得當代珠寶設計碩士學位後,回台進行自由獨立創作,專注於當代編織與珠寶金工的藝術表現。





2017  小森 / mad L 文化空間 / 台北,台灣。
2017  Young Art Taipei / 喜來登大飯店 / 台北,台灣。
2016  Young Art Taipei / 喜來登大飯店 / 台北,台灣。
2015  無處 / mad L 文化空間 / 台北,台灣。
2015  Young Art Taipei / 喜來登大飯店 / 台北,台灣。
2013  Power of Jewellery / Crypet Gallery / 倫敦,英國。