Jing  is the independent brand of JiJing Lai (Jing), a textile and jewellery designer based in Taipei, Taiwan. She finds inspiration from personal experiences in everyday life and the connection with nature. With a background as a senior visual designer, Jing's collection ref lects her unique sense of space and layout, evoking a feeling through forms, material or composition, rather than executing on technique.

Specialized in weaving, knitting, and jewellery design, she creates original textiles and art pieces that bring beauty, positive power and functionality to each piece or project.

Jing 是由設計師賴紀憬創立的織品珠寶設計品牌。於倫敦取得當代珠寶設計碩士學位後,回台進行自由獨立創作,專注於當代編織與珠寶金工設計。